Our Story


We started with the goal of making a handful of athletes better. Since then, we have trained hundreds of athletes in four states in eight different sports. Most recently, we trained the West Ottawa Boys’ Basketball team which reached the State Finals of the Boys Class A Basketball Tournament in March 2018, and the East Grand Rapids Girls’ Basketball team, which won its first District Basketball Championship in ten years, in March 2018 as well. 


To provide the highest level of results we not only develop, but also test every workout ourselves to verify the effectiveness of our training.

Our Goal


To provide a high intensity environment that fosters maximum results, while minimizing unproductive work.

What Makes Us Different?

We hold each athlete accountable for his/her effort, while providing immediate feedback and distinctions to improve individual athletic performance.


We also stress the mental aspect of our training focusing on how hard work and mental toughness can positively impact and affect all aspects of the athletes life.