"Our team has been working with Tim Hoesch for the better part of 3 years now.  We are physically stronger, and maybe more importantly, mentally stronger than we have ever been before.  I attribute much of the success we have had over the past seasons to our pre-season and in-season conditioning program.  It has been second to none!"

~ Coach of Maxx Out Peak Performance Athletes

"From a purely athletic standpoint, Maxx Out Training yields results and, speaking from personal experience, the program put me in the best position to be successful in my athletic endeavors.  But the program has given me so much more including life-long friendships, countless memories, and a mentality of hard work and doing things the right way.  Maxx Out Training is something special and is one of the best things to ever happen to me."

~ Former Maxx Out Peak Performance Athlete

"The science of athletic performance continues to push athletes to higher levels of performance.  I have experienced this first hand as a former Division 1 athlete.  If you want to give your son or daughter the same advantages afforded elite athletes, you need to check out Tim Hoesch and Maxx Out Training.  My 2 sons and daughter went through the program and saw phenomenal results, both physically and mentally, in how they approach everything.  Extremely hard work combined with the latest science equate to maximum potential.  If this is your goal, you need to go through Tim's program."

~ Parent of Maxx Out Peak Performance Athletes

"Maxx Out Training has not only benefited my game on the court but my overall self.  The attention to detail and work ethic that is taught has helped me in many different areas in life, in addition to making gains on the basketball court."

~ Former Maxx Out Peak Performance Athlete

"Tim is a high energy, driven and passionate person when it comes to his strength training and jumping program.  The Maxx Out program has stood the test of time and has been a great addition to our program at West Ottawa.  We feel his training fits our criteria for what we are looking for in a training and conditioning program.  We love that our players can see/feel their progress after each week during the process.  Tim is encouraging and positive throughout his training sessions, along with challenging each player physically as well as mentally.  Maxx Out training is now a must in our program at West Ottawa."

~ Steve Windemuller - Head Basketball Coach - West Ottawa HS